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May and June @

Georgia Avenue NW, Washington, DC

(Nativity Church Youth Center Gym)

Across from MPD 4D and next to McDonald's


The Knights of Columbus, Keane Council #353 in collaboration with The Sodality of Our Lady, The Catholic Daughters, and the Youth Adults ministries at Nativity Catholic Church,

held its first blood drive on December 29, 2021. 

Hosting this drive was the long-time goal of Anthony "Tony" Avelino, a member of Keane Council who died in 2019. Before his illness, Tony was a regular blood donor and strongly believed that doing so was a small charitable effort that actually save someone's life. Just prior to his sudden illness, he began the outreach to host a blood drive at Nativity, but there was a significant wait-time and we were on the wait-list. The Red Cross tried to contact Tony when it came time for us to host the blood drive, but he had become ill by then and we missed our opportunity. Unfortunately, Tony died shortly before the COVID outbreak. Now, with the assistance of the Fr. Sass, Pastor of Nativity Catholic Chiurch and the Red Cross we are now able fulfill his wish.

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